Teeth Cleaning & Polishing

(1.)We shouldn’t ignore the importance of healthy teeth. White & bright teeth make you look better and boost your confidence. These are effective in the enhancement of your appearance. Tooth polishing is the best & the finest dental procedure for smoothing the teeth’s surfaces and restorations. At Clinic Eximus, our prime objective is to remove extrinsic stains and dental plaque accumulation.
(2.)Tooth cleaning & polishing is advantageous in many ways including - breath freshening, dental scaling, and preventing tooth decay. It's a very simple procedure with lots of benefits. By this procedure, our dentists can provide you smooth, white and bacteria-free teeth.
(3.)Teeth cleaning procedure is helpful in cleaning the gaps between teeth, the internal portion of the oral cavity as well as gums. It’s excellent for eradicating plaque, gum swelling, and other dental problems that may arise in near future. After teeth cleaning, it’s observed that teeth get rough and appear dull due to the high deposition of plaque. Our dentists work hard to provide you better treatment care.
(4.)After having tooth polishing, your teeth will be white, stain-free, and glistering. We strive hard to improve dental health and teeth’s aesthetic.


Types of Teeth Polishing

There are different types of tooth polishing procedures including - Therapeutic polishing, coronal/ cosmetic polishing, superficial and selective polishing. Let’s have a quick overview of tooth polishing.
(a.)Therapeutic Polishing:- It's a dental surgical procedure where its prime objective is to remove the microflora and endotoxins from the cementum surface.
(b.)Coronal/cosmetic polishing:- This polishing is very effective in plaque eradication and dental stains where it works great in order to make enamel lustrous. The enamel surface is polished to a greater degree.
(c.)Superficial polishing:- In dental treatment, this technique is widely used in polishing the crown of the teeth. It improves the appearance of the teeth.
(d.)Selective Polishing:- This dental treatment works fine to treat the extrinsic stain and selective stain.
The tooth polishing is quite good in removing both types of stains including - endogenous and exogenous stains. Where the first one is linked with the internal & the next one with external stains.
Generally, internal stains are developed at the tooth development stage, on the other hand, external ones after the tooth has erupted. Smoking and poor dental habits are the prime reasons for external stains. Tooth polishing is considered best for removing the exogenous stains, not the internal one.

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Full Mouth Scaling and Polishing Clinic in Delhi / NCR

Our team of professionals understands - how important your teeth are? Therefore, we adopt the best dental practice for tooth cleaning and polishing. The right technique/procedure is used for minimizing the abrasion on the surface of the tooth. For this, we use less abrasive polishing agents.