Thermage (Radio frequency )

Thermage is a Non-invasive radio frequency treatment that can smooth lightened and Contour the skin giving an anti-aging effect.
1.It is non-invasive so requires no needles no cutting.
2.It is painless. It does not have down time.
3.It is fast and comfortable procedure.
4.Result improve our time and can last for years.
5.It can be used for face neck and body tightening.
How does it radio frequency work?
1.As we age the collagen that keeps our skin firm breaks down resulting in aging skin with fine lines and wrinkles.
2.Radio frequency technology also called Thermage transfers heat to the deeper collagen which layers of the skin.
3. This applied heat encourages new collagen to be formed.
4.This helps create smoother skin after just one.
5. Treatment and result continue to improve over time.


How long will the result last?

1. For most patients measurable result start appearing gradually in two to six weeks after treatment results depend on the skin condition and aging process
3.HIFU OR high intensity focused ultrasound is one of the most advanced system for anti-aging treatments.
How does HIFU work?
1.As we age the collagen of the skin breaks down leading to signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles sagging skin Etc.
2.HIFU Uses high intensity focused ultrasound technology when an intensive ultrasound field vibrate, the tissue friction is created between the Molecules This result in absorption of mechanical energy and secondly generation of heat this lead to immediate tissue contraction and collagen reenedling That occurs over a period of time.
How many sessions do I need?
1.Number of sessions totally depends on the stage of Aging you are in usually a single session once a year is good in early and moderate types of cases.
2.It is painful.
3.HIFU Is not painful. You can however experience or heated sensation on your skin at Clinic Eximus. We ensure to make the experience painless. So our numbering cream is applied prior to the treatment.

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Is there any down time?

  1.  In few patients, there may be a mild swelling and redness in the first 24 hours that goes away incidentally. 
HIFU Can be combined with other treatment? 
  1. Like RF radio frequency To give you best result. 
What should you expect to post hifu treatment? 
  1. The main indication of HIFU  is anti-aging with age the skin becomes. and gives a saggy and tired look. 
HIFU works on this smash layer creating damage at a very deep level this heels with the new collagen formation that leads to lifting of this skin giving you a younger look.