Laser Dentistry

(1.)Laser dentistry simply refers to the use of LASER in dental treatment. It's widely used in tooth decay, gum diseases, and to speed up the teeth whitening procedures. In this procedure, a very thin but powerful beam of light for the treatment. When laser dentistry is performed then patients feel less or even no pain. It’s very safe and effective.
(2.)At Clinic Eximus, we use the best dental technologies for patient's treatment. Dental laser treatment is perfectly fit for you, our team of expert professionals will help you to get the right treatment.


How Do Lasers Work in Dentistry?

LASER in its full version is known as ‘Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. Laser dentistry has been popular due to less pain and minimal discomfort. The procedure takes several steps & effective for several dental problems. The laser is being used as a robust dentistry tool due to its efficiency, ease of use, cost, and comfort. It has soft tissue and hard tissue applications. Works better for different surgical and dental procedures. The laser has emerged as an inseparable part of dental strategy in our dental practice.

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Commonly used Laser in Dentistry

Carbon dioxide Lasers 

  • Neodymium- Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser
  • Erbium Laser
  • Diode Lasers
  • Argon Laser 
                                  • The above-mentioned lasers have great potential to treat both major and minor dental problems, and used in surgical procedures. These are effective in removing the smear layer, cutting and coagulating dental soft tissues, and other issues.
  1. A laser is known for its ability to deliver energy in the form of light, and also works as a cutting instrument & vaporizers of tissue during a dental procedure. Also, it’s best known for producing heat. It can enhance the effect of tooth-bleaching agents when it comes to whitening teeth.
Uses of Laser Dentistry -  An Innovative Way to Treat Dental Problems
  • Today, LASER  is being used in dentistry for different purposes, Its usage is not limited to a certain degree but has broad usage.
(a.)Tooth Decay:-  Laser is the best fit for removing the tooth decay problem. (b.)Gum Disease:- It’s also advantageous in reshaping gums and during root canal procedures it’s quite effective for removing the harmful bacteria. Laser is also best for gum reshaping. (c.)Biopsy:- In addition to the above-mentioned usage, LASER is quite effective in removing a small piece of tissue. Lasers are also effective to remove the lesions in the mouth. (d.)Tooth Whitening:- In addition, Lasers are quite good in speed up teeth whitening procedures. A laser beam is applied to the peroxide bleaching solution. On applying a laser beam the peroxide bleach solution resulting in a fast whitening process. (e.)Treat Infections:- Laser is considered as one of the best solutions for a mouth infection and providing relief from the mouth sores.  Benefits of Laser Dentistry Dental LASER is one of the finest ways to treat different types of dental health concerns. It causes less pain. Globally, dentists have shown their belief in laser dentistry due to its wide range of benefits. Let’s go through the benefits of laser dentistry. If you’re planning to go with this.
  • No need of local anesthesia
  • Minimize the bleeding & Reduces the chance of  bacterial infections
  • Safe & Effective in context of gum tissue
  • Less use of stitches & speed up the healing fast.
  • Less damage to the tissues.
 DENTAL LASER TREATMENT AT DELHI - Clinic Eximus At Clinic Eximus we use advanced dental laser treatment for dentinal hypersensitivity, cavity preparation, restorative removal, gum diseases, tooth decay, and other dental problems.  Dental laser treatment at our clinic is more efficient and cost-effective.  Our expertise in soft tissue and hard tissue makes us a leading dental treatment service provider. It’s safe & comfortable. Book an appointment with us or visit us.