Oral Cancer Detection

1.Cancer is basically known as the uncontrollable growth of the cells which may impact the surrounding cells. Day by day, oral cancer cases are increasing across different parts of the world.
2.In the context of oral cancer, it may occur in any part of the mouth including - hard and soft palate, lips, tongue, cheeks and floor of the mouth. It’s life-threatening if we don’t go for the treatment at an early stage. Sometimes, people cannot identify the same at an early stage but our oral cancer specialists can check the same at Clinic Eximus.


Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Symptoms given below can explore much about oral cancer, therefore it’s a prerequisite to take care of these symptoms. Don’t ignore these early signs.
(a.)Swelling & thickening inside the mouth.
(b.)Bleeding & patches (Reddish or white) in the mouth.
(c.)Difficulty while eating, swallowing, speaking and jaw movement.
(d.)Mouth & Ear Pain.
(e.)Numbness in face, mouth or neck.
(f.)Sores on face, neck or mouth.
(g.)Loose teeth
(h.)Sore throat, and change in the voice.
(i.)Sudden weight loss

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  • Causes of Oral Cancer
 There can be different causes of having oral (mouth) cancer. We are listing a few causes of this serious health concern. Sometimes, poor dental hygiene or bad food habits can be sufficient for causing oral cancer. Let’s have a quick overview of the same:-
  1. Excessive smoking, chewing tobacco, and consumption of alcohol.
  2. Hereditary reasons
  3. HPV /Human papillomavirus infection - it’s linked with oral cancers
  4. Sun exposure is another big reason for oral cancer.
  5. Certain drugs like immunosuppressants can cause this problem.
Oral Cancer is Life-Threatening - Visit Us For Expert Care
  • Clinic Eximus is known for its skillful resource, advanced equipment & surgical procedures. Our trained oral specialists take care of everything - and if they notice anything out of the box they immediately notify you. In case you are facing certain sorts of symptoms in regards to oral cancer, you may consult with our oral cancer specialist. We take care of our patients and perform different types of oral cancer testing by the use of advanced equipment. 
  • Our dentists and doctors do a physical examination, check the lip and oral cavity cancers in routine checkups. We take a note of complete medical history, and ask for symptoms and associated risk factors. We do the endoscopy, biopsy, oral brush biopsy. And HPV testing. Visit us for a free consultation & oral cancer detection.